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Testing for COVID-19 is vital for the state of Maryland to fully and safely reopen. We must be able to identify and treat everyone who is COVID-19 positive.

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Contact Tracing

Who should get tested?

Any individual showing symptoms should be tested.

Any individual who suspects exposure, including those who are asymptomatic, should be tested. Individuals who are at risk for exposure, including workers in frequent contact with the public in health care, emergency services, food and grocery, retail, manufacturing, public transportation, educational, and other congregate settings, should be tested. Individuals who have been in large gatherings or who have traveled recently should be tested.

If you are unsure if you should be tested, please contact your health care provider and follow their recommendation.

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Testing Locations

There are hundreds of COVID-19 testing sites in Maryland. To get started, visit the Maryland Testing Sites Locator. You can search by address, zip code or place name.

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Have you tested positive?

Get information and resources that can help if you recently tested positive for COVID-19.

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