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COVID-19 Vaccine

All Marylanders 16 and older are eligible for vaccination. Directly schedule an appointment at a mass vaccination site or find a pharmacy, hospital or local health department near you to make an appointment.

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Maryland COVID-19 vaccine priority groups

Maryland is distributing the vaccines to Marylanders based on relative risk of exposure or developing serious illness.

Individuals included in earlier priority groups will be given priority to be vaccinated.


Timeline Pyramid

Phase 1A 

Health care workers

Residents and staff of nursing homes

First responders, public safety, corrections

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Phase 1B

Assisted living, other congregate settings

Adults age 75 and older

Education and continuity of government

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Phase 1C

Adults age 65-74

Essential workers in lab services, agriculture, manufacturing, postal service

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Phase 2A

Marylanders ages 60+

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Phase 2B

Marylanders ages 16+ with underlying medical conditions that increase the risk for severe COVID-19 illness

Marylanders ages 16+ with disabilities who are receiving SSI or SSDI benefits, Maryland Medicaid EID individuals, Maryland Medicaid REM recipients, and Marylanders receiving TDAP benefits

Marylanders receiving long term services and supports through the state’s Medicaid waiver and state plan services (learn more)

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Phase 2C

Marylanders 55 and older

Essential workers in critical industries, including construction workers, food services, utilities, transportation, financial services, IT and other infrastructure (learn more)

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Phase 3

General population, including healthy adults ages 16+

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*Maryland is currently in this stage

What are the vaccines?

Vaccines Status Dosing Efficacy Potential Side
Pfizer Vaccine has been authorized for emergency use Two doses, delivered three weeks apart 95% effective at preventing serious illness Injection-site pain, fatigue, headaches, chills
Moderna Vaccine has been authorized for emergency use Two doses, delivered four weeks apart 94.1% effective at preventing serious illness Injection-site pain, fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain, headaches, chills
Johnson & Johnson Vaccine has been authorized for emergency use One Dose 85% effective at preventing severe illness Injection site pain, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, joint pain
Novavax Vaccine trials are ongoing Two doses, delivered three weeks apart Injection site pain, rash, headaches, muscle pain, fever
AstraZeneca Vaccine trials are ongoing Two doses, delivered four weeks apart Fever, muscle aches, headaches, injection site pain

Schedule an appointment at a mass vaccination site

All Marylanders 16 and older can directly schedule an appointment for their COVID-19 vaccine at one of Maryland’s mass vaccination sites. You will receive confirmation of your appointment.

Why should you get the vaccine?

Safely delivering groceries

The vaccines provide protection from serious COVID-19 illness.

Receiving a vaccine

Promising results
Early clinical trials show the vaccines are highly effective in preventing serious illness.

A family together

The vaccines are the best path forward to ending the pandemic.

Healthy woman wearing mask

Minimal side effects
Most of the participants in clinical trials had minimal side effects. The most common were soreness at injection site, fever, or body aches.

Keep On, Maryland

As we proceed with vaccinating the public, we all must keep on slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Keep on wearing your mask, watching your distance and washing your hands. You should get tested and quarantine if you expect exposure or show symptoms.

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Stay safe by wearing a mask, maintaining distance and washing hands.

Resources about the COVID vaccine

We are here to help you.
If you have questions or need help, operators are available to assist you.
Call 855-MD-GoVAX (855-634-6829)

Available resources will evolve as the Maryland vaccination effort moves forward.
Please check our resources page regularly for information and updates.

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